Hello feminist killjoys!

I am updating this post: my first ever post.

This is a blog by a feminist killjoy for all feminist killjoys! I began this blog seven years ago. I wrote it alongside working on a book, Living a Feminist Life, which came out with Duke University Press in Spring 2017. This book offered my most sustained commentary on killing joy as a world making project. I had previously written about feminist killjoys in my book The Promise of Happiness (2010) as well as here.

I decided to continue with the blog even though the book was finished. In the last three years I shared work from my project on complaint (and on being complainers).

There will be more still to share because the work of the feminist killjoy is not over!

YOU might be interested in this blog if YOU:

  • Are told you are angry no matter what you say
  • Witness people’s eyes rolling as soon as you open your mouth as if to say: ‘oh here she goes!’
  • Are  angry because that’s a sensible response to what is wrong
  • Are often accused of getting in the way of the happiness of others (or just getting in the way)
  • Have ruined the atmosphere by turning up or speaking up
  • Have a body that reminds people of histories they find disturbing
  • Are willing to make disturbance a political cause
  • Are willing to cause unhappiness to follow your desire
  • Will not laugh at jokes designed to cause offense
  • Will take offense when it is there to be taken
  • Will point out when men cite men about men as a learned social habit that is diminishing (ie. most or usual citational practice)
  • Will notice and name whiteness. Will keep noticing and naming whiteness.
  • Will use words like ‘sexism’ and ‘racism’ even if that means being heard as the cause of bad feeling (and are willing to cause bad feeling)
  • Will refuse to look away from what compromises happiness
  • Are willing to be silly and display other inappropriate positive affects
  • Are willing to listen and learn from the work of feminists over time and refuse the caricatures of feminism and feminists that enables a disengagement from feminism
  •  Are prepared to be other peoples’ worst feminist nightmare
  • Are prepared to be called a kill joy
  •  Are willing to kill joy
  • Are willing to participate in a killjoy movement

About feministkilljoys

feminist killjoy, affect alien, angry queer woman of colour
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