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Problems with Names

In a couple of weeks our new Centre for Feminist Research will have our first conference, which is on Sexism. Our tagline is “sexism: a problem with a name.” You can probably hear the reference to Betty Friedan’s description of … Continue reading

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You know that feeling when you arrive into a room and you feel like you are imposing? Say you end up with a group of people who know each other really well. Everyone is polite and attentive. And then the conversation … Continue reading

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Willful Subjects

We have a cover for the book! It will be out in August/October this year depending on where you are. Willful subjects are restless. What an army.

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Dated Feminists

In a relatively short period of time I came across a number of references to my work as “dated” and I was twice described as a “1980s feminist.” Almost all of these references were in anonymous reader reports on written … Continue reading

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Being in Question

I am walking down a street in Cardiff. And I am stopped by someone; he is walking the other way. How interested he seems. In what, am I what? “Hey, where are you from?” The question is asked with a smiling curiosity. … Continue reading

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